I’m a sophomore at Saint Michael’s College, double majoring in English and Religious Studies. I absolutely love what I’m doing and where I am. As much as I cherish the shelter of this community, I also can’t wait to see what I can make of the world. As artist Rob Ryan would say, “Your job is take this world apart and put it back together again… but even better!” 

This summer I worked as the Technical Services Assistant at the Rivier College Library in Nashua, NH (about 30 minutes from my hometown, Milford). At SMC I have a work study job in the Durick Library as the assistant to the Director of Interlibrary Loans. Basically, if you have questions about how a college library works and the resources we provide, I'm your girl.

So what do I want to do for the rest of my life? Well, many things, but one of the biggest billboards along the roadside of my life involves being a peace-builder between the West and the Middle East. There's not really a job title for this, I just know that I want to be an educator and a liaison both politically and personally. I'm also incredibly passionate about educating young women in developing countries. My SMC professors are incredibly supportive and I can't wait to study abroad in Istanbul, Turkey my junior year so that I can be fully immersed in this beautiful culture that is so different from my own.

At school I'm also an auxiliary editor on our literary journal, the Onion River Review. I'm a tour guide and blogger with the Founder's Society (obviously), and I blog on my own. I'm also very involved with MOVE and the Family Friends program. Every week I go to a local COTS shelter with other students and we offer childcare to homeless families in the area. Getting to know the kids is so rewarding and it's also nice to spend some time off campus in the community.

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