Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In a Vermont Minute

Last night, this was the view from my room. We had about eight hours of thunderstorms raging over the quad. Wifi was knocked out (thus why I couldn't blog) and the power was flickering all night. All  the dorms have generators, so if we do lose power it's never for long. Thunderstorms are rare for April, and this one was intense. 
Another thing that's rare for April is 80 degrees and humid, but that's what we have today! The air is still very heavy so we're expecting more storms- hopefully not as big as this one (I didn't get any lightning in the video, but we had a LOT).  The ground is really saturated, so everything should start getting green.... oh, probably around I'm freaking out over final exams and the three papers I need to write. I'm enjoying the weather while I can.

Well, now I'm off to interview for a spot on the core team of editors for next year's Onion River Review! Wish me luck!

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