Thursday, November 17, 2011

North Campus

Some people may not know this, but Saint Michael's owns several buildings on Fort Ethan Allen, about a mile up Rt. 15 from main campus. There are three residence halls and four apartment buildings, as well as the art rooms, a dining hall, the faculty daycare, and some maintenance buildings. There is a shuttle that runs 7:45 to midnight (2am on the weekends) every half hour between north and main. North campus is something that you can't really explain unless you've lived here, and some people on main give it a bad rap.   A common excuse for not wanting to live on  north is "I don't want my life to run around a bus." What people don't realize is that the bus is one of the best parts of living here.We have three full time drivers, Jim, Gary, and Zvovko who are all so nice. Jim makes it a point to learn every student's name so that when you get off and on the bus in the morning you hear "Good morning Amy! Have a good day Amy!" I've never felt like the shuttle was inconvenient, and when the weather was warmer I would often ride my bike to main. The school also just helped fund a new road which runs away from Rt. 15 and comes out near the back of the townhouses, which will make the ride even shorter.

I live in the smallest building on north, Linnehan (above). We have about 50 students and I know all of them, many from last year. Part of the building was opened up for honors housing, and we have a great mix of people. The girls on my floor are especially amazing- we do things like organize a "cup drop" in the hallway where we leave compliments to each other, or put paper up in the bathrooms to leave silly notes.  We also organized a sponsorship through Women for Women International, so every month we raise $30 from the floor to send to our sister in Iraq.

Some of the ladies of Linnehan in our pink onezies purchased for $2 from the Salvation Army<3

Linnehan is as far as you can physically live from main, and we love it that way. The rooms on north are larger and have massive windows. All the halls on north have kitchens, and next week we are hosting a Linnehan "family dinner" before Thanksgiving break. They are the most considerate girls and everyone respects our living space. The janitors have complimented us on being one of the best groups ever in this building. It really does feel like a big family sometimes- a community within the St. Mike's community. The people on main don't know what they are missing.

Some of the residents of Linnehan at our recent Halloween Party (I'm the one leaning on the column in the white dress in the center, to the right of Peter Pan).

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