Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Roommate

Meet Legolas, my roommate in Lyons Hall. Typically all the housing on campus is not co-ed, but for me the Res Life staff made an exception. This is a picture of Legolas on move-in day. He was so excited for orientation, but also a little nervous about meeting new people. I had to convince him not to be so stiff.

By Halloween Legolas was coming out of his shell. Halloween is a four day event here, and requires four different costumes. Here Legolas is wearing the top hat that was part of my costume- I was a circus conductor. He went as an elf from Lord of the Rings.

Legolas and I decorated our room for Christmas (and he decorated himself). He got really into the holiday spirit. Every here decorates their door and a lot of people had Christmas trees. It really brightened the mood during finals week before everyone left for break. Of course, Legolas cheers me up no matter what season it is.

After break Legolas came back as a whole new man. He got really tight with my friends Derek (above) and Devin (below). He also took up skiing and is pretty smooth. I don't know how he does it with a quiver full of arrows.

Legolas is really excited for the spring time when he can run around barefoot and be a jolly elf in the forest. I picked this flower for him and he wore it all week. He's really in touch with his feminine side, which is one of the reasons why we're such great roommates.

Today Legolas was feeling some Middle-Eastern vibes. He keeps up on current events and is really passionate about the education and liberation of women in Arab nations. He shows his support by not only being a fashion icon, but also being the first one to welcome me home every night and tell me how proud he is. I can't wait to live with him again in Linnehan on North Campus next year. He really is one of a kind.


  1. Thanks! I have a single so I don't have any bad roommate stories... I thought this would be entertaining.