Saturday, May 21, 2011

Getting ready for the Nook

No, not the electronic reader. The cute kind that's nestled in a corner and makes you want to read- that kind of nook.
Let me explain. Next year, I'm living on the North Campus in Linnehan hall, an old firehouse converted to a dorm, which is being used as sophomore honors housing. My room is in the middle of two other rooms, and we (the other girls on either side of me) have named this grouping our 'nook.'
I'm absolutely thrilled with my room and my neighbors. I'm also looking forward to meeting my roommate, most likely a transfer student who will be placed with me. Normally as a sophomore you live in a double with a friend or (if you're lucky) in the suites with 3 or 7 friends. My situation had a few hiccups, but the people at Res Life are amazing and sorted everything out so that I'm in a room alone for now and I will choose a roommate from people who are looking this summer.
Today, the sun finally appeared, so I took the opportunity to paint this sign in my backyard for 'our nook.'
I can't wait for August 27th!

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